Lucky 13 for St Lazare and Xcell Taekwondo

Thirteen competitors from St-Lazare Taekwondo and Xcell Taekwondo participated in the 13th annual Dando Cup at Centre Claude Robillard Saturday, November 8. Over 800 participants were welcomed at this well-known regional taekwondo competition. Master Andre Zaraa and Master Justin Hannon coached the 13 competitors. Both taekwondo schools are under the technical direction of Grand Master Sami Mazraani.

Julia Shahak (age 10), yellow belt, won gold in her first competition after defeating two opponents with a score of 10-0 and 4-3 respectively. Her second opponent was considerably taller and nearly a full belt higher. Eric Beaudry (age 43), green belt, fought in the 35+ division and won gold with a score of 4-2.

Austin Brown (age 9), green belt, won silver after three action-packed fights. He won his two first fights by a wide margin of 7-1 and 9-3 respectively. In the final fight, Austin was trailing by 1one point but in a flurry of kicks to regain the lead, he received two pricey kicks to settle the final score at 4-8. Victoria Shahak (age 8) won silver after two excellent fights. She beat her first opponent but lost in the gold medal match. Geremy Trudel (age 17), red belt, received a silver medal after a high intensity match.

Blue belt brothers, Manny (age 12) and Dean Bizogias (age 14) both received silver medals. Manny won his first fight with a score of 18-11 despite a gruesome toe injury. He continued to win a second fight against a new opponent with a score of 12-3. He fell short in the third and gold medal match with a final score of 6-12.

Alexa Dustin (age 8), green belt, won bronze after a furor of alternating kicks and points between her and her opponent. In the final seconds, her opponent took the lead with the final score at 18-28.

Maya Keirl (age 10), blue belt, won bronze in an evenly matched fight that finished with a final score of 5-6. Marek Beaudry (age 8), yellow belt, won bronze and was competing in his first ever competition (alongside his father, the aforementioned Eric Beaudry). Bradley Fironi (age 17), yellow belt, won bronze after competing for the first time and finished with a score of 11-13.

Mia Campione (age 11), green belt, won bronze after winning her first fight, but losing a closely matched second fight. Her brother, AJ Campione (age 7), yellow belt, also won bronze after competing for the first time. While he didn’t win, he thoroughly had fun. Grinning from ear to ear, he provided an admiral example of good-sportsmanship for which his school is proud.

St-Lazare/Hudson Taekwondo wins five medals at Canada Open 

St-Lazare/Hudson Taekwondo is proud to welcome home six athletes from the Canada Open. This past weekend, over 900 fighters gathered in Toronto to compete against other Taekwondo schools across the globe. Athletes compete in their respective age, weight, gender and belt division. Coached and trained by Grand Master Sami Mazraani, St-Lazare/Hudson Taekwondo won 3 gold and 2 bronze medals.

Left to right (back row): Master Justin Hannon, Eric Beaudry, Maya Keirl, Julia Shahak, Mia Campione, Geremy Trudel, Master Andre Zaraa. Left to right (front row) : Marek Beaudry, Victoria Shahak, AJ Campione, Alexa Dustin, Austin Brown. Not pictured here: Bradley Fironi, Manny and Dean Bizogias.

Aleck Villeneuve (green belt, age 8) defeated his opponent 8-6, after scoring three points in the last 20 seconds to win him the gold medal. Philippe Ayotte (blue belt, age 11) defeated 4 opponents to win a gold medal with a final score of 11-3. Sebastien Ayotte (red belt, age 13) also won a gold medal, defeating both his opponents without ever letting them score. 

Maya Keirl (green belt, age 9) competed in a belt division higher and won bronze. Samuel Villeneuve (green belt, age 6) also won bronze. Both athletes lost their fights by a single point in a sudden-death round. A sudden-death round resolves a tied score and determines the winner by the first competitor to successfully score a point. Mariane Trudel (2nd dan, age 18) competed at the black belt level and lost in the final round after leading 4-1.

Your Local Journal // Feb 18th, 2016 

18 Medals for St Lazare Taekwondo

On Saturday, November 19, 18 athletes from St. Lazare Taekwondo attended a competition in Montreal. The annual tournament hosted by Dando welcomed over 950 participants at Centre Claude Robillard. Coached by Master Andre Zaraa, Grand Master Sami Mazraani and Kim Tetley-Gerard, the athletes brought home a total of eight gold medals, six silver medals and four bronze medals.

Gold medalists included first time competitors Serena Dutkiewicz (yellow belt green stripe, U9), Gabrielle Cote (yellow belt green stripe, U11) and Sarah Longlade (yellow belt, U13). Emma Gonsalves (yellow belt green stripe, U13) also brought home gold. 
Seasoned fighters and gold medallists include Elinda El-Hendi (green belt blue stripe, U11), Gavin Simpkin (blue belt, U9), Austin Brown (red belt, U13) and Connor Wood (green belt blue stripe, U11). 

First time competitors and silver medallists include Sierra Dicerni (yellow belt green stripe, U9), Nathan Ip (yellow belt, U7) and Anthony Patone (yellow belt, U11). First time competitor and green belt, Joe El-Hendi (35+) had an exciting, neck and neck match finishing with a score of 10-11 for a well-earned silver medal.
Silver medallists also include Olivia Wood (green belt blue stripe, U9) who won her first fight 5-3 but lost a close second fight 0-2. Nathan Lukacs (blue belt, U9) also won his first fight 4-2, but lost his second fight 0-6. 

Bronze medallists include athletes in the U11 category: Kiefer Gonsalves (green belt), Zachary Johnson (yellow belt), Kaitlyn Ip (green belt) and Xander Derix (blue belt).

All competitors showed excellent drive and a display of good sportsmanship. Congratulations to all athletes! 

Your Local Journal // Nov 13th, 2014 

Front row, from left: Maya Keirl, Samuel Villeneuve, Aleck Villeneuve, Philippe Ayotte, Sebastien Ayotte. Back row: Kim Tetley-Gerard (instructor), Grand Master Sami Mazraani (coach and instructor). Not pictured here are Mariane Trudel and instructors Andre Zaraa, Justin Hannon and Brandon Hannon.

Eleven Golds and Three Silvers for St Lazare Taekwondo

On Saturday, February 6, in Coteau-du-Lac, 14 competitors from St. Lazare Taekwondo attended the Sud-Ouest Regional Finals for the Jeux du Québec. Coached by the ever-enthusiastic Master Stephen Chevrier, all competitors displayed outstanding performances demonstrated by a grand tally of 11 gold medals and three silver medals. Among the gold medallists were yellow belt green stripes: Olivia Milner, Thomas Lecompte, Emeric Lecompte, Olivia Wood, Connor Wood and Kiefer Gonsalves. Green belt gold medallists were Gavin Simpkin and Elinda El-Hendi. Elinda won her first fight 7-1 and her second fight 5-4. 

Blue belts Julia Lamarche and Austin Brown (red stripe) also took home gold. Austin, 10 years old, won his fight 8-7 against a 12-year-old red belt in an exhibition match-up. First time competitors and new yellow belts: Emma Gonsalves and Kaitlyn Ip sparred against each other, bringing home gold (Emma) and silver (Kaitlyn), respectively. Xander Derix, green belt, brought home silver after winning his first fight 11- 4, but slipped out of the lead with a final score of 10-13 in a tightly matched second fight.

Gabriel Milner, yellow belt green stripe brought home a silver medal after sparring with another equally matched teammate, Emeric Lecompte. Well done! Thank you to the parents for your continued support and special thanks to Woots restaurant for hosting a celebratory lunch.

Your Local Journal // Dec 8th, 2016 

Pictured (left to right): Olivia Milner, Gavin Simpkin, Thomas Lecompte, Olivia Wood, Kiefer Gonsalves, Xander Derix, Gabriel Milner, Kaitlyn Ip, Elinda El-Hendi, Emeric Lecompte, Austin Brown, Connor Wood, Emma Gonsalves, Master Stephen Chevrier (coach). Not pictured: Julia Lamarche.

Photo by Rick Wood.  Left to Right: (back row): Grand Master Sami Mazraani, Gabby Cote, Sarah Longlade, Connor Wood, Olivia Wood, Austin Brown, Xander Derix, Elinda El-Hendi, Kaitlyn Ip, Emma Gonsalves. (Front Row): Serena Dutkiewicz, Nathan Ip, Sierra Dicerni, Zachary Johnson, Gavin Simpkin, Kiefer Gonsalves, Anthony PatoneType your paragraph here.