Left to right: Master Justin Hannon, Grand Master Sami Mazraani, Kim Tetley, Master Andre, Brandon Hannon

Master andre zaraa

Master Andre, 6th Dan, has been teaching with Grand Master Sami in St-Lazare for 15 years. Master Andre teaches all age groups and belt colours. He always has a trick in his taekwondo teaching toolbox to fix any kick that has gone awry!

kim tetley-Gerard 

Kim, 4th dan, enjoys teaching the white belts of all ages. She often teaches the youngest white belts, with her endless patience and energy. She starts them off on the right foot with the basic kicks and techniques. 

Grand Master Sami mazraani

Grand Master Sami, 8th Dan, is a Chartered Professional Coach of Canada (ChPC) and former Team Canada coach. He is known to provide intense work outs that trains cardio, endurance, flexibility and kicking / fighting techniques for both kids and adults, alike.